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Sunglow Diode Laser

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Advanced cooling system

Contact Cooling with ICE Plus

Advanced cooling system allows for range-controlled temperature during the entire Laser procedure while continuously cooling the skin. While preserving heat in the dermis, where hair follicles are treated, the ICE cooling system cools the tip which in-turn reduces epidermal hazards. The efficiency of the diode is boosted by the controlled, consistent temperature.
Patients can now experience the entire session painlessly, coolly, and comfortably.


Spot Size

Large 4.2cm2 spot size for quick treatment. Full body treatment can be done in 45 minutes. Save you on time and bring on more profit.

3D Technology

Featuring Clinically proven 3D Technology which is safe and effective.

Large Screen

Intuitive, user friendly large screen (14’ android) with pre-set parameters. Very easy to operate. Even beginner technicians can use it with ease. Screen can be worked and rotated in any 360 degree angles for your conveniences.

All Skin Types

Works on all skin types. I-VI skin tones and tanned skin. 


No consumables


ICE Continuous cooling system


2 Years mechanical guarantee on the machine

Laser type

Combination of three wavelength 755+808+1064 nm Diode Coherant laser bar 50 million shots. 

Our machine combines three wavelength into a single applicator. 

*755nm for white skin (golden hair removal)

*808nm for yellow neutral skin (brown hair removal)

*1064 nm for black or tanned skin(black hair removal)


Guaranteed results in 1 session.


Handles come in two sizes. 

12*20mm handle and

12*35mm handle.

Handles are as light as handling one iphone.

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